My Story

WELCOME! I’m not sure how you found yourself to my site, but I hope that you will be both encouraged and challenged as you read my posts.

To start, here is a little about me: I am the eldest daughter of a Pastor’s family. Thus, I have been blessed (or cursed, depending on your perspective) to have lived in many parts of our great country. I obtained my Masters in Counseling degree in-between having my first and second child. I thought I had life all figured out until my third came along. He redefined parenting (as I knew it) and showed me that the deepest sorrows can turn into the truest joys. I passionately pursue my life: faith, family, friends & therapy.

The truth is that when you feel called to live life in a certain way, everything about you is challenged: your belief in your self, your views on what makes marriage work, your thoughts on how a family functions, your friendships, how you eat, sleep, and the list goes on……A former homeschooling suburban mom turned city living, I deeply value the lessons that are learned in the daily cracks of life and am thankful for each moment with my family. Having kids in a different stage of life: elementary, middle school and high school, each day is a new adventure!

I am honored to be a Marriage & Family Therapist. It is with deep gratitude that I believe I get to practice what I am passionate about: improving the relational lives of others. I hope and pray that the words spilled into each of these post will be both a source of encouragement and challenge into the relational life of those who dare to seek more.